The mission of the confectionery factory «BURKUT» is the production of quality products at an affordable price.

Confectionery factory «BURKUT» - is a young company founded in 2017. At present, our factory produces various types of chewing, soft and hard caramels with fruit and milk flavors, bakery products using modern European equipment.

In the near future, it is planned to expand the range of confectionery products, including the production of dessert pastes, chocolate dragees, wafers and cookies of various kinds.

The quality of products is ensured through the use of natural, environmentally friendly raw materials from Russian and European manufacturers. The factory pays special attention to the quality and safety of incoming raw materials, each batch undergoes rigorous laboratory control, including the absence of genetically modified ingredients.

In our work, we try to use new technologies that allow us to produce exactly the products that our consumers are waiting for.